Thursday, December 31, 2015

HAPPY 2016!

I am hoping that everyone has a very happy year – one that is filled with lots of love, prosperity and living your ideal life.

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Wishing you happy holidays! Somebody could not wait until Christmas to open one of his gifts!

Thursday, December 17, 2015


There are 15 days left until January 1, 2016. Are you going to settle for the status quo and continue on autopilot in 2016 or are you ready to start experiencing the things you dreamed of? If you are prepared to spring forward and receive the things that you want in order to have a more fulfilling life here are some simple steps that you can take.

1)    Sit in a quiet place and think about one or two things that you would: really enjoy doing in your spare time or like to achieve. Really allow yourself to experience all the bliss that you feel when you think about performing that activity or achieving your goal.

2)    Write them down on a card or piece of paper with a date that you want to complete it/them by.

3)    Place the paper or card some place where you will see it every day. You can even add pictures to it to make it more vivid for you. For example, if you want to receive $500 in 2016. Write down: I will receive $500 by June 16, 2016. Then you can have a picture of a check made out to you for that amount and with that date.

4)    Set aside time every day to look at what you wrote and let all those feelings that you had when you thought about doing or completing that activity come back each time that you reflect on it/them. Take the example above. Think about what you would do with $500 (perhaps take a trip, begin to save for something that you want to purchase, etc.). You don’t need much time - there is no need to complicate it. Take 5 – 15 minutes to do this activity, you are not THAT busy that you cannot schedule in this time for YOUR dream and happiness!

Thursday, December 10, 2015


We are in the midst of the holiday season. I was touched by a holiday commercial that makes me cry each time that I see it – it is the Walmart commercial that features children. It warms my heart that these kids would be willing to give up a toy to another child without toys. What a wonderful place this world will be with these kids who will become loving, caring people! Remember to warm someone’s heart this season.

Click here to see the video: Walmart Holiday Commercial About Caring Kids

P.S. – let me know if you cry tooJ!

Thursday, December 3, 2015


In honor of the holidays this month my posts will feature good deeds that are done unto others. I am starting with this interesting video. Let me know what you think.


Let’s also keep these things in mind for this wonderful time of year.

v Dwell on the positive reasons for the season.

v Reflect on the great things that you have in your lives (once you start watch how long the list gets!).

v Do at least one good deed for someone else, it will make you feel absolutely wonderful!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I hope that everyone in the U.S. has a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Please remember to give thanks for the wonderful people, pets and things in your lives. Speaking of pets, be careful what you give them from your tables. Certain foods (including nuts, alcohol, chocolate, onions, garlic, dairy products, and grapes/raisins) that we eat can be harmful to them if ingested. Please see this link on foods to avoid and an important number to call if your pets ingest them:

Thursday, November 19, 2015


I am so proud of my fellow veterinarians in Wisconsin! They are offering free veterinary services to homeless people’s pets. There are a growing number of pets that accompany homeless people. Where would they be without the love of their animal companions? Read about the fantastic work that the University of Wisconsin is doing for these pets: 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Yesterday was Veterans Day and I hope that people took the time to appreciate, as well as, thank the veterans in the United States. I certainly did. I also want to recognize our furry friends that serve alongside our veterans. The dogs of war have (and have had) a significant role in the military. Here are some historical facts about canines in the military:

dogs of war

Thursday, November 5, 2015


There is a significant bond between people and pets. There are so many examples of this that pop up every day. Take a look at what people did when they saw a picture of this dog.


Thursday, October 29, 2015


Two days ago I was running an errand and began talking with a stranger in a nail salon. The conversation flowed easily and after some time passed the gentleman confided in me that he had a miserable marriage. He explained that his wife was always mean to him and didn’t want to participate in any fun activities with him. I coached him and tried to help him find some solutions to this very serious issue. I hope that he reflected on our discussion and will eventually take action to bring happiness back into his life. My sincere wish is that I was able to bring a ray of sunshine and fun into his day. He did laugh a lot during our conversation (after we stopped talking about his marriage) and said, “You are so funny!”

What have you done today to brighten someone’s day? It doesn’t have to be a herculean task or cost lots of money. A simple smile can do the trick – it doesn’t cost anything but it is invaluable.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Some people may feel that NYC is a city filled with cold, uncaring people. That is absolutely not true! Two nights ago I left a great veterinary lecture and was headed home on the FDR Drive. A few miles into my drive I came to a complete standstill. Some may say that is so typical in NYC but it is rather rare at 8:45 PM. I became very concerned when I sat there for more than half an hour (total time was 2.5 hours) and I observed groups of police officers walking up and down the path along the highway. There were also dozens of police vehicles that sped away on the opposite side of the highway. After listening to a local news radio station, I found out that a cop had been shot right near our location so I said a prayer for his well-being at that time.

A short time later, I began talking with the gentleman in a nearby car about the NY Mets game that was on the radio as I watched a woman climb over the fence that was next to the highway. I guess that she planned to reach her destination on foot (she left her driver behind). In the meantime I had turned off my car to save my gas and an hour later when I turned the car back on to inch forward it did not start. I refused to let anxiety creep into my body as I called AAA but I realized that they could not get through to my car anyway. The man next to me asked if I had jumper cables and I did not. However I decided to see if anyone behind me did.

As I approached cars some of the inhabitants anxiously looked at me and told me they did not have jumper cables. However, I quickly found an angel three cars behind me who told me that he did. I threw my fists up in the air in the middle of the FDR Drive and screamed out “Thank you!” My new friend next to me took my dying cell phone, charged it for me in his car AND maneuvered his car closer to mine in order to allow the jumper cables to reach his battery. When the corner of his car was adjacent to mine the other man attached the cables to our respective cars and my vehicle started! I gave both men huge hugs and kisses filled with immense gratitude. Who says that New Yorkers don’t care about others? I know that we do, we just don’t hear nearly enough stories about the ones who perform selfless acts for other people.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


We moved from cloning sheep (Dolly was the first one) to cloning dogs. Here is a story about a couple that cloned their dog and they have two of his clones. What do you think about cloning animals or people (when we get to that point)?


Thursday, October 8, 2015


Veterinary technicians are veterinarians’ co-pilots. They help veterinarians perform the duties that keep animals healthy. National Veterinary Technician Week will be from October 11-17. Please give the veterinary technicians that you know a big hug and tell them how much you appreciate them. I know that I will.

Here is some information from the American Veterinary Medical Association about National Veterinary Technician Week and veterinary technicians:

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Yesterday I attended an all day workshop. I only attended it for one day but it extended over the course of 3 days. The moderator said that at the end of each day the presenters and people that assisted them were exhausted. So in order to lift their spirits and regain their energy, they spent the time with therapy dogs at the conclusion of each day. I was wondering why I saw a cute little Beagle and a black Lab walking around the grounds!

Do you ever notice the smiles on people’s faces when a dog enters the room? I see this reaction every day when I take my dog, Pappy, to the nursing home that my mother resides in. All of the energy in the place becomes more electric when he struts in wagging his tail. Staff as well as residents scream out his name and squeal with delight as soon as they see Pappy. If I dare to enter the facility alone I see the look of disappointment on everyone’s faces. They immediately ask me where Pappy is and I promise them that I will bring him tomorrow so that I can see those bright, smiling faces once again.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

This is the first in a series of weekly blogs that I will write. 
The purpose of my blog will be twofold:
to share (and I do mean share) information about pets
to provide insights that will help people live the lives of their dreams.

Just because I am a veterinarian/coach does not mean that you do not have the right to share your equally cherished knowledge. All of our experiences will make this blog so very valuable. If we share information, we can collectively enrich people’s and our furry friends’ lives, as well as honor each other in the process. Ultimately, this will ensure that we have people and pets around as long as possible so that we can continue to strengthen the wonderful human animal bond.

Have you noticed how much further we have come with our pets? Dogs used to be kept in basements or left outside in yards. Now they accompany us in our cars, on vacations and everywhere that we can possibly take them. Isn’t life so much more fulfilling when we have our pets around us as much as possible? Isn’t life more gratifying when we help our fellow man/woman? I look forward to sharing our loving animal and human experiences together on this wonderful journey.

Dr. Daphne Mobley